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Created by violinist Damien Chierici, OOOTOKO is a group of 19 musicians offering a raw, authentic chamber pop sound. Unique among today's productions, OOOTOKO's music is a return to its very essence: the pleasure of simply playing and singing together.

OOOTOKO is an original musical epic that goes from the intimate to the grandiose, crossing a number of references, from François de Roubaix to Bonobo to Snarky Puppy, and taking the audience into a rare cinematic universe on shores that are often melancholy and dreamlike, sometimes joyful.

Damien Chierici unfurls a score of refined arrangements, where rock, jazz, world and classical music intertwine, performed by particularly inspired musicians he has met along the way, who have become accomplices and are clearly delighted to be on board.

The voices of Dan San, Elena Lacroix (Eosine) and Ireland's Liam O'Maonlai (Hothouse Flowers) complete the crew, adding a touch of folk that makes this beautiful, unclassifiable music even more unique.

With : Damien Chierici - violin, composition, arrangements / Leticia Collet - Vocals / Olivier Cox - Drums / Antoine Dawans - trumpet, flugelhorn / Clément Dechambre - Flutes, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone / Christelle Heinen - Cello / Jean-Paul Kasprzyk - Guitar / Louan Kempenaers - piano / Elena Lacroix - Vocals / Didier Laloy - diatonic accordion / Moran Le Bars - Percussion / Maxime Lhussier - Vocals / Jerôme Magnée - Vocals / Thomas Medard - Vocals / Quentin Nguyen - Keyboards / Liam O'Maonlai - Vocals, bodhran, piano / Barbara Petitjean - Vocals / Bernard Thoorens - Bass, Double Bass / Nicolas Villers - Trombone

OOOTOKO - Backstage

MEDELLIN directed by Cyril Marbaix

ELVAS directed by Romain Habousha (Union Call)

Little Ghost


Theme Of Parallax


THEME OF PARALLAX - Studio Video (Directed by Rafael Lopez)

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OOOTOKO - Limited Edition Double Vinyl

Deluxe double vinyl version in a trifold packaging.
Includes only vinyl bonus track "Inisherin"! 180G press.

€30 EUR 

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Comes in a lovely gatefold card case, with artwork by Matteo Lamproye

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